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24/7 PersonalCRM

24/7 PersonalCRM is the most advanced Customer Relationship and Acquisition Management (CRAM) solution focused on full customer life-cycle management.

Our event-driven action model allows you to pursue each contact one-to-one with a click of a button. Our philosophy of speed and simplicity enables PersonalCRM users to have multiple actions with each contact before your competitor even contacts the customer. Define hierarchical relationship trees for all your contacts and selectively access them. Assign multiple relationships to a single contact (Multi-Dimensional Contacts)

Email-to-contact matching, filtering, and conversion!
Incoming e-mails are automatically scanned and converted into events for existing contacts. No longer do you need to search for e-mail addresses. Filters can be setup to automatically scan e-mails and convert them into contacts (web leads, e-mail leads, etc.). In addition, returned e-mails are automatically matched to the offending wrong e-mail! 

Product-Specific Workflow Management
Setup automatic product workflow actions through our workflow planner. Automatically follow up on leads, contacts, and more through phone calls, todo's and e-mails/letters. Increase your contact bandwidth potential from hundreds to thousands of contacts.

Eliminate Spam
Supports the "junking" of e-mails from spam or unwelcome contacts. Once that e-mail or domain has been included into the junk pile, the particular contact will never enter the database.

Full MAPI Compliance
PersonalCRM interfaces directly with your MAPI setup on your computer. No longer do you have to spend time setting up the servers. Fully compatible with Outlook and Outlook Express.

Event Driven Contact World
All communications with a contact are maintained for the contact's lifetime. By simply looking on the event history, a judgment can immediately be made of  the situation of the contact. To Do's that have to be made, responses from the contact, etc.. A real Customer Acquisition Management.

Multi-Site, Automatic Contact Import
Setup filters and processes to integrate contacts into the database via e-mail, local files, or even remote FTP-driven files. Once setup, a click of the button simply goes to the world and integrates it with the current customer database.

Internet Connected
PersonalCRM for Windows uses the internet to gather the world for the user to follow-up and close. It does that all in one simple to use package. Compatible with Outlook Express and Outlook 2000.

All in one package!
Full quotation system integration enables users to create Quotes in less than 2 seconds (with a click of a button); our intelligent multiple contact source importer automatically imports contact data from e-mails, web sites, remote sites, local files, and more; maintain a full history of all contact communication; create product demographic workflow models. All this in a single screen without "popping windows". 

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