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Full Integration into ACT!
Simply click our icon on the ACT! toolbar to create the full customized email in Outlook. In addition, all emails sent are recorded into the ACT! history with full support for current lookup broadcast and mail merge

Send HTML Email!
Simply pick an Internet Ready HTML page and view it using our embedded viewer. If you can see it, you can send it. Yes, it's that simple.

Send Web Pages
Surf the web and pick up and active web page and send it as an email. In addition, you can mail merge with your ACT! data!

Over 3000 HTML Email Templates
Need Email Templates. Choose from our ready-made 25 templates or choose from over 3000 templates from our Azooq web site. Get ideas, use them or just browse for inspirations

Send Email Merges!
Mail merge your Web Page with your current lookup with full customization. No fancy queries, just use the current lookup. Send unlimited (limited by your ISP) number of emails spaced in manageable intervals.

Reach 3000 recipients with only 100 Emails!
Our own broadcasting solution allows you to divide a certain number of recipients per email i.e. 30 recipients per e-mail that cannot see each other's email address. Hence, you can reach 3000 recipients with only 100 emails.

Other Features
Send attachments, HTML, Web Pages, and even Text. In addition, ACT-To-Outlook Email if fully compatible with Outlook so you can then use your Exchange server to send out the emails.

Why Are Web Templates the Best?

  • Central Template Location. Web-Based Templates provide users with a centralized location where they can access the Email Template

  • Low Overhead. When sending emails you only send the HTML text and not the Graphics. An email that could be 1MB large is now only 10-20K!

  • No Viruses. The most dangerous form of spreading viruses is to send emails with attachments, specially embedded graphics. With our Web Based template mechanism, this does not happen

  • Ease of Use. Create templates with embedded variables for ease of use and personalization. No more HTML editing!

  •  Customization. Each template can be customized by simply giving values to the embedded variables. 

  • And more. Our Web Template Parsing Technology allows you to send any non-redirected web as an email whether it is an order form, survey, product web page, or anything you want from the web. Don't be limited any longer by your email client, flourish with ACT-To-Outlook Email 3.0! 

  • Use the Internet for your business....


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Compatible and Tested with Outlook 2000, 2002, and 2003

This product is only compatible with ACT! 2000 and ACT! 6.0

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or Outlook 2000/2002

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