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Registering the Windows File Manager

All our products use the Windows File Manager interface to access files in the system. However, on some systems, this file is unfortunately de-registered by rogue software and it must be registered again. The name of this file is scrrun.dll.


When this file is not registered, you'll get the error:

Error on formload.  Error: Class does not support automation or does not support expected interface

When you receive this error, execute the steps below:


To Register scrrun.dll

The name of the file that has to be registered is called scrrun.dll .

  1. Open windows explorer and browse to the folder where Windows is installed and go to the subfolder named system32, namely Windows->system32 folder as listed below.


  1. Right Click on scrrun.dll. The screen below should appear (or something similar if you are running another operating system).

  1. You should get the option to use Microsoft Register Server to open the scrrun.dll. If you don't get this option, click on the Choose Program option, and the screen below should appear. Click on the Open With Option

  1. After you click the Open With option, you will get the screen below. Click on the Other button

  1. When the other button is pressed, you are presented with a file open screen. You must navigate to where your operating system resides, either C:\Windows or C:\WINNT.
  2. Click on the system32 folder and you should get a list of files. The file to use is called REGSVR32.EXE . Select that file and click the Open Option
  3. That will register that ACT! Database Interface. Consequently, the file system that our software uses will now work.