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Easy Use Easy to setup. Simply enter the database name and Path and Email Address Validator will do the rest. 
PIM Supported Email Address Validator supports ACT! 2000 and ACT! 6.0
Easy Setup Simply install it and use the menu to setup. Takes less than 1 minute.
Immediate Results Set fields on the contact for later processing/analysis.
Full Email Validation Email Address Validator performs 3 tier checking on your email addresses:
  1. Syntax Checking. The software checks whether the syntax for the email is correct
  2. DNS Validation. The email is validated for a valid DNS address (Domain Name Service).
  3. SMTP Validation. Email Address Validator starts an SMTP session with the target email address and checks whether the SMTP server (Mail server) will receive an email for the particular recipient being evaluated.
Manage Invalid Emails Full error reporting and an easy to use Email Management interface allows you to identify invalid emails and then:
  1. Edit the email and validate it again i.e. if there is a space in the email or any other obvious error that can be edited
  2. Delete the contact with the incorrect email.

As an added option, you can set a field on the email and then perform a lookup on that field in ACT! to list all the incorrect emails.

Free Trial Out free trial allows you to analyze and test this product's great capabilities. 
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