1-2-3 Email Suite for ACT!

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This product is a compilation of our best email related products.

Compatible with Outlook 2000, 2002, and 2003

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The documentation for 1-2-3 Email Suite is all the docs for the individual applications that comprise the suite.
Act-To-Outlook Email
Email Integrator for ACT!
CSV Fast Import
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Email Address Validator
Duplicate Email Cleaner
Bounced Emails Detective
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Multiple Applications
1-2-3 Email Suite for ACT! brings together all the tools required to make emailing from ACT! as seamless and fast as possible. Email Management with database management is a very tedious, repetitive, and error prone process. 1-2-3 Email Suite aims to facilitate and automate the process. In addition, you get Email Integrator and over 3000 Email Templates to use when you purchase 1-2-3 Email Suite for ACT!.

Fully integrated with ACT! and Outlook
Use your existent Outlook setup with ACT! without any changes. Install 1-2-3 Email Suite and be operational without having to setup anything.

Reduce Bounced Emails and Identify Bogus Contacts
Using Email Address Validator, identify the contacts that have bad email address due to incorrect syntax, non-existent DNS or even non-existent account on the email (SMTP) server! This will clean up your database of incorrect email addresses. On top of that, if you receive bounced emails, scan the bounced emails for the contact that originated the email! All with the touch of a button.

Duplicate Management
Scan for duplicates on your database to prevent sending duplicate emails to the same email address. Reduce customer/prospect unsubscribe requests by properly managing how you send out the emails.

Spam Detection Features
Our email HTML randomization features for subject as well as for HTML body reduces spam detection and ensures peaceful co-existence with your ISP. Also, using our broadcasting feature, you can send emails to your customer base with very few emails.

Speed, speed, and more speed
1-2-3 Email Suite is geared with very fast product to make processing as fast as your computer can process. In many cases, what would otherwise take 3 days to do, it will now take less that 1 hour.

Much, much more...
Whether you are sending just 1 email or hundreds, 1-2-3 Email Suite is ideal to keep control of your emails.